Sleep as a true sailor in hammocks below deck. Bring your own sleeping bag.

The ship is 101 years old in 2015 and we use a lot of time to restore her authentically, that is the reason why all trainees sleep in hammocks in their own sleeping bags. We do not offer private cabins. The accommodation is very basic, but on the other hand you will experience that hammocks are much better then beds when at sea. For your personal belongings you get a locker with keys and a chest. Please keep your personal stuff inside the locker and chests at all time and make sure nothing is floating around.

There is very limited space on board a sailing ship please try to pack your things into a bag than can easily be stored away. Try to avoid to bring suitcases. 


LEHMKUHL Aug . 2009 028

Life on board

LEHMKUHL Aug . 2009 028

History in brief

Statsraad Lehmkuhl (copyright Wenche C. Olsen)


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