All the food is included.

All the the meals are included in the tourprice and coffee, tea and some snacks will always be available, day and night.

There will be served three meals daily on a buffet where you serve yourself.

The times for the meals when at sea are as follows:

  •  breakfast from 07:20am-08:30am 
  • Lunch 11:20am - 12:30pm 
  • Dinner 05:30pm - 06:30pm 

Please note that the times for meals might differ when at shore. The crew will inform you. In case you are a vegetarian, have any allergies or if you do not eat certain kind of food please inform us in good time before departure. Please write it in the comment field in your booking or write us an email to Lehmkuhl@lehmkuhl.no

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Life on board

LEHMKUHL Aug . 2009 028

History in brief

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Life on board