Sales conditions valid from 12th October 2015

The foundation Sailing Ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl (SSSL) owns and operates the ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl. SSSL is responsible for the organization and implementation for all the voyages with the ship and has the responsibility for both the crew and the trainees. The goals of SSSL is to preserve the ship for future generations through active use of the historic Tall Ship. Through professional guidance of the crew, people of all ages and nationalities should have the possibility to learn traditional seamanship through participating on board. Through various activities SSSL promotes Norwegians marine traditions and cultural heritage and offers unique possibilities for self-development and team building.

Trainees accept the following conditions with the purchase of a voyage with Statsraad Lehmkuhl.

  1. 1.      Evening Cruise

Booking is primarily done through the webpage or by phone. The booking is a binding agreement and there will be issued a booking with an order reference immediately after the booking. The confirmation contains information about payment, destination and the length of the cruise. Evening cruises include a trip of the specified length of time and a buffet. Drinks are not included and will be offered by purchase.

The tickets must be paid within 7 days after the booking. Tickets that are not paid for within 7 days, can be cancelled without further notice. Paid tickets for evening cruises are non-refundable. 

SSSL reserves the right to cancel cruises if sold less than 20 tickets. Customers who have paid for the cruise will be offered to be rebooked to another date or will get a refund. 

  1. 2.      Booking Voyage

Booking is primarily done through the webpage or by phone. The booking is a binding agreement and there will be issued a booking with an order reference immediately after the booking. The confirmation contains information about payment, destination and the length of the voyage.

  1. 3.      Price

When issuing and order it is necessary to pay a deposit of 20%, with payment due at the latest 7 days after the booking is issued. If the deposit is not paid within 7 days SSSL can cancel the booking without further notice. The outstanding payment must be issued at the latest 4 weeks prior to departure. If the booking is issued less than 4 weeks prior to departure the entire amount has to be paid within 7 days.

  1. 4.      Price changes

SSSL reserve the right to change the price for a voyage if there are unforeseen changes in the expenses bound to the voyages, such as unforeseen expenses for pilots, quays or similar. The price for all trainees can be changes. This is only valid 4 months prior to departure and cannot contain more than 5% augmentation. If there is a modification SSSL is obliged to inform about the change immediately. Trainees have the right to withdraw the booking or get rebooked to another voyage by the same price and conditions provided there is available space.

 5.      Cancellation policy

Trainees can cancel their booking by written contact with SSSL through email or mail. Depending on the date SSSL has received the cancelation the following fees apply.

-          Cancelation more than 30 days prior to departure: 20% of the voyage price (deposit)
-          Cancelation between 15 - 30 days prior to departure: 30% of the voyage price
-          Cancelation between 7-15 days prior to departure: 50% of the voyage price
-          Cancelation less than 7 days prior to departure: non refundable

  1. 6.      Discounts

SSSL has the right to offer discounts on certain voyages and times. If someone orders more than one voyage during the same season SSSL offers 10% discount on the remaining voyages. This applies only for full price voyages and does not apply to already discounted products.

  1. 7.      Bursary

Youth under age 26 years and living in vest Norway can send in an application for a bursary to SSSL or NSTA (Norwegian Sail Training Association). The application has to be send prior to the final payment. Bursary is not paid out after the final payment or by withdrawal.

  1. 8.      Changes of voyage

The booking as a binding agreement and cannot be changed to other voyages by the customer. SSSL might consider a rebooking in special cases, please contact us for more information.

  1. 9.      Product

Included in the voyage price is food three times a day and the experience on the Tall Ship as well as sleeping in hammocks on the dates specified in the booking. Also included is the training and schooling on board. The voyage lasts for the specific days. All trainees are responsible for the voyage to and from the location the ship is mooring. If there are any delays during the journey to the harbour SSSL does not take responsibility and the ship will not wait for individuals if they are not on board the ship within one hour before departure. Additional costs for getting to or from the ship is up to the individual trainees and not included in the price.

By arrival SSSL recommends to plan enough time between the further journey. Remember that you are on board a sailing ship and the arrival time can vary with weather and winds. Also there can be customs inspections at the harbour that can result in a further delay.

  1. Extra nights before and after the specified dates of the voyage

It is possible to book extra overnight stays on board the ship before and after the specified dates of the voyage in case the ships stay in the harbour. Additional nights have a price of 500 NOK including breakfast. Once booked and paid for the additional nights are not refundable.

In case of a booking of two following voyages SSSL offers 50% on the overnight stays in between the voyages.

Please also note that the ship might have other events on board during the stay in the harbour and you might be asked to leave the ship during daytime.

  1. 11.  On board

With the purchase of a voyage the trainees are enrolled in the crew and act as an active part of the ship crew and are expected to take part in the daily routines of sailing a tall ship. Trainees commit to participate in sail manoeuvres, set sail and dismantle sails, look out, buoy watch, helm and fire watch. Additional there might be easy maintenance work and cleaning the main area. Trainees have to know and respect the security procedures and they have to follow the orders of the professional crew. If anyone ignores the demands of the crew on purpose, the crew has the authority to set people ashore.  In such cases trainees have to cover their return by themselves and are not entitled to a refund.  

  1. 12.  Health

All trainees confirm with the booking that they are in good health conditions and are physically and psychologically fit to travel on board and take part in the watches. Trainees also confirm that they are not carrying any contagious diseases that could affect the crew or other trainees. Due to security reasons SSSL has to be informed on beforehand of any illness or medical conditions. That information will be handled confidential. 

If the medical requirement are not met the ships management can decide to refuse trainees to come on board. The trainee has in that case no entitlement for a refund and must cover travel expenses by themselves.

SSSL has the right to ask for a doctor's certificate in any doubt.

  1. 13.  Age limit

The age limit to join voyages without an adult is in general 15 years. Minimum age limit with an adult is 12 years. Please note that some voyages have other age limits. This can be discussed in certain cases. Please contact SSSL on beforehand for booking or information.

For all Tall Ships Races organized by STI (Sail Training International) all traineesmustbe 15 years or older.

There is no upper age limit but we kindly ask all trainees aged 70 or older to send a doctor's certificate that shows, that they are fit to travel.

  1. 14.  Cancelation by SSSL

If the voyage has to be cancelled in case of force majeure (damage to ship or engine, weather conditions, etc.) the trainees have the right for a refund if the voyage has not started yet. If the voyage has started there will be no refund and trainees have to cover their return by their own travel insurance.

  1. 15.  Cancelation if the minimum amount is not met

Minimum amount of people on a voyage is 20 persons. SSSL reserves the right to cancel the voyage up to 4 weeks before departure if the minimum amount is not met. Trainees will be informed at the latest 4 weeks before departure and are entitled to a full refund or will get the option to book another voyage for the same amount.

  1. 16.  Cancelation of voyage due to behaviour

SSSL reserves the right to cancel the booking if the behaviour of a trainee gives any reason for that.

  1. 17.  Changes of arrival and departure

SSSL reserves the right to make changes of arrival or departure time if it is necessary due several reasons. If it is due to force majeure trainees have no right to get covered any other expenses. SSSL commits to inform of any such cases as soon as possible.

  1. 18.  Insurance

SSSL recommends all trainees to have a travel insurance that covers sailing.

  1. 19.  Complains

If trainees have complains after the voyage, we kindly ask to send it written by email or mail. The closing date for submitting complaints is one month after arrival.

  1. 20.  Personal details

SSSL can save personal details such as names, email address for sending information about future voyages. Please inform us if you want to reserve you from future information.

During the voyage there might be taken pictures. SSSL reserves the right to use them for their own publications both online and on printed material.


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