Training/what can you expect to learn

Sail training will be offered on all voyages. The extent of the training will depend on the duration of your stay and also be influenced by weather conditions.

If you join one of our voyages you are being enrolled in the daily routines of the crew and are expected to play an active role onboard. You do not need any prior knowledge of sailing or tall ships sailing, but you will get instructed by our professional crew. In addition we aim to have an introduction to the following subjects: 
  • The Ships history, that inlcudes a tour of the ship to the ares that are usually for crew only. 
  • Knowledge of the names of the ships rigging, sails and ropes. That is also a necessary part for being able to join the maneuvers.
  • Nautical Terms and sailing theory
  • basic knowledge of knots and stiches
  • Shanty Music traditions and singing
  • introduction to navigation 


If you have any wishes regarding your training please do not hesiatet to contact us. 

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Life on board

LEHMKUHL Aug . 2009 028

History in brief

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Life on board