A late summer trip from Amsterdam to Stavanger, with a short stop in Esbjerg, Denmark. This time of year the constellations are becoming visible in the night sky again, and the possibility of a balmy Indian Summer sail under a twinkling canopy of stars is large. Join us for an inspiring voyage to the lovely city of Stavanger on the west coast of Norway! 10% discount for under 25s. 5% discount if you book before 01. January 2015.

Skjærgårdstur in Bergen

Fjord cruise

A fjord cruise with the «Statsraad Lehmkuhl» is a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful fjords around Bergen from a large sailing ship!


Pirate tours

Fun for both children and adults! A family outing for both large and small pirates. Meet the dread captains Horror and Jojo on board the Stasraad Lehmkuhl. Together we might be able to find the hidden treasure! Come on, you lubbers! Don't get left behind!

På tokt til Selje (copyright Wenche C. Olsen)

Sailing program

LEHMKUHL Aug . 2009 028

History in brief

Statsraad Lehmkuhl (copyright Wenche C. Olsen)