Whitsun voyage 2017!

WHITSUN VOYAGE TO SHETLAND 01– 06 June Any plans for Whitsun? If not, join Statsraad Lehmkuhl on a spring voyage to historic and hospitable Shetland. An experience to treasure!

The withsun voyage has become a tradition for many of our trainees. Join in with your family or some friends for an unforgettable spring experience on this voyage to pittoresque shetland islands. 

Departure Bergen Thursday 01st June at 14.00 pm

Arrival Shetland Saturday 3th June at 09.00 am 

Departure Shetland Sunday 4th June at 09.00 am 

Arrival Bergen Tuesday 6th June at 10.00 am


Price NOK 5 950,-

Youth under 26 years NOK 5 350,-


Extra nights before or after your trip?

På tokt til Selje (copyright Wenche C. Olsen)

Sailing program

LEHMKUHL Aug . 2009 028

History in brief

Statsraad Lehmkuhl (copyright Wenche C. Olsen)


Did you know?
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